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"Can you imagine what it will be like when we are all seeing our friends, ourselves and our world in the highest light?"

-Tony Burroughs


The Intenders Cybercircles FAQs


Here's what you need for this to work:

A Google+ account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here - https://plus.google.com OR you can just sign up for a gmail account and then join from there.
Speakers or headphones

There are several good YouTubes on how to set up a Google+ Hangout. You can Search for these on YouTube Search.

Google+ Hangouts System Requirements and links to other Hangout "How To's": http://support.google.com/plus/answer/1216376?hl=en&ref_topic=3008151

Troubleshooting audio or video problems in Hangouts: http://support.google.com/plus/answer/1355579?hl=en

YouTube video on How to make and join a Hangout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ug_w-85Hvg


We have recently adapted our real-life Intenders Circle format for the internet and you can Get a copy of the Intenders Cybercircle Format by Clicking Here. We've recently learned that it's best for the moderator to open our Google Hangout about a half hour before the actual Cybercircle begins in order to get the cameras, lighting and audio levels working properly, as well as to socialize and network with each other.

1) Introductions: We start by going around the circle with each person saying their name, where they're from and a few lighthearted words about themself.

2) This is followed by everyone sharing their Win of the Week.

3) Then we have an Optional Invocation and a Short Guided Meditation led by someone in the circle. This lasts just a few minutes and sets the stage for what is to follow.

4) The Intenderpreneur who is hosting the Cybercircle goes first by sharing their Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions. That way they are showing the newcomers how it is done. Then, s/he Tags the next person, etc. There is a Protocol we follow after each person states their Gratitudes, Intentions and a Vision for their ideal world. Immediately after sharing their Vision, S/he would say: "Are you with me?" or "Do you align with me?" - and then everyone else simultaneously answers, "Yes!" Then, S/he says, "So be it" and everyone else simultaneously responds, "And so it is!" And finally, just as in our recent real-life Intenders Circles, we all chime in together with "It is Done! It is Done! It is Done!" You'll see how we do this in our Intenders Cybercircle YouTube entitled How We Say Our Intentions and you can Get a copy of the Intenders Cybercircle Protocol by Clicking Here.

5) Next we like to exercise an option that we call Empowering Conversation where we pick a positive, non-political topic and talk about it for a few minutes. In this part people can choose to take part or just listen and soak up the wisdom that's being shared.

6) Last but not least, we Socialize & Network, nibbling on any snacks we have nearby and having a lot of fun visiting with each other. Those who have to sign off do so whenever they choose while others can hang around and visit for as long as they like. Our Cybercircle goes very quickly. We are typically finished in less than an hour.

9) NOTE: Please know that these guidelines are not written in stone and, like in our live Intenders Circles, you can create your own format for how your group wants to conduct their circle as long as you share your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions for your ideal world and line them all up with the Highest Good. We know that this will give you excellent results. In fact, these Cybercircles lend themselves, with a few changes here and there, to all types of groups including families, friends, schools, churches and organizations of all kinds. This format can even be adapted to the business arena for those who are intending to see their business take a giant step forward.


Q 1: How are people invited to the Cybercircle?
A 1: If you are the person who is hosting the group you will add the names of the people you'd like to invite to your Cybercircle in the Google+ Hangout interface. If you are a member of the Circle you will receive an email before the Circle begins. You will need to click the link in the email to join the Circle. If for some reason, you do not receive the email before the agreed upon time, it is a good idea to call or email the moderator to see what's going on. We had some issues with this and discovered that it works best when the moderator sends a backup email to the group with the URL of the Hangout several minutes at the very beginning of the Cybercircle. Since Google+ does not let you schedule a Hangout in advance you have to wait until the Hangout starts before you can copy the URL to send out in your backup email.

Q 2: Can we give our group a name?
A 2: Yes, you can name your Cybercircle anything you want. You don't have to call it an Intenders Cybercircle although we are honored whenever you do. You can call it Aunt Tilly's Garden Club or whatever you like. The main thing is that you experience the Cybercircle!

Q 3: What is the best meeting time?
A 3: Anytime that's convenient for most of the people in the group. One of the first orders of business in an Intenders Cybercircle is finding out the best time for everyone to meet. We recommend that your group meets weekly, even though we know that everyone won't be able to be there every week. This is okay because we've found that the smaller Circles are just as good, if not better, than the larger Circles. In these smaller groups people get to know each other better.

Q 4: Do we have to do all of the same steps in our Cybercircle that your group does?
A 4: No, you can arrange the flow of your Cybercircle to suit your own group's needs. We only recommend that you say your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions for your Ideal World - and that you line them all up with the Highest Good. We know that this will give you amazing results. All the other things like visualizations, invocations and angel wings are optional. Every Cybercircle will have its preferences as to how the group will set up its own format.

Q 5: If I am new to the Cybercircle, how do I find out the names of the other people in the group?
A 5: In your Cybercircle when you run your mouse across the pictures of the other Intenders at the bottom of the screen you will see their names as well as a mute button. We found that it is handy to mute ourself at certain times if our microphone is overly sensitive.

Q 6: Is it okay to read my Intentions?
A 6: When it comes time for you to say your Intentions we've found that some people prefer to read their Intentions from a list while others come from the heart. Of course, please be mindful of others by refraining from getting on a soapbox and going on too long. Such activity interrupts the flow of the Cybercircle and isn't fair to those who do have time constraints.

Q 7: What if I forget to say the Highest Good phrase?
A 7: Even if we forget to say it, it's understood in all Intenders Circles - whether they are Cybercircles or real life Circles - that in order to manifest, our intentions must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, ourselves, and everyone everywhere. That's why it's easy, in an Intenders Circle, to support each other in the manifestation of our intentions. We're all lined up with the Highest Good.

Q 8: How do I get others to join our Cybercircle?
A 8: We know that there are those of you who are intending to find others across the globe to take part in an Intenders Cybercircle with you. For this we recommend that you go to The Intenders Founders Circle and post your intention to be in a Cybercircle there. There will be others there who will have an opening in their Cybercircle or will want to join yours. We started with 3 of us in our first Intenders Cybercircle (Pam, Paul and Tony) and now we have 10 people which is the limit for free Google Hangouts.

Q 9: What if only a few people show up for the Cybercircle this week?
A 9: It doesn't matter how many people show up to the Cybercircle. Whoever is there is who is supposed to be there.

Q 10: What if someone just doesn't fit into our Cybercircle?
A 10: All Intenders Circles are non-exclusive, however if you get someone who is discordant or divisive and doesn't seem to fit in with your particular group, a good host knows to take that person aside and talk to them privately. Tell them politely that if they don't change they won't be invited back to the Cybercircle.

Q 11: Is there anything I should do to prepare for the Cybercircle?
A 11: It's a good idea for those in an Intenders Cybercircle to have read The Intenders Handbook (which is available in print, ebook, audiobook and in bulk at www.intenders.com and www.highestlighthouse.com.) This is so everyone is familiar with our basic tenets such as stating one's intentions in the positive and refraining from naming sicknesses and diseases in our Circles and Cybercircles. It flows better when people know the basics of how an Intenders Circle works.

Q 12: I'm new to all this. When I say my Intentions, should I go for it or should I limit my Intentions?
A 12: There truly is a Beginner's Luck Factor. In our early Intenders spiritual guidance sessions, Lee Ching (Tina Stober) told us anytime a group of people serves the Highest Good (by saying that their Intentions must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, themselves and everyone everywhere in order to manifest) that there are invisible helpers who rally to their side and that these invisibles see to it that the newcomers first several intentions are manifested right away - so the Intender cannot possibly mistake it. That's why we recommend that you don't hold back, especially in the beginning.

Q 13: It seems like we all have something in common in our Cybercircle, like we were brought together for a purpose. Can you explain that?
A 13: We were also told that anytime a group of people rallies around the Highest Good, that it draws forth the soul group - those who made agreements and arrangements to come together at this time to do something special together. Likewise, it is our observation that if you want to meet others in your soul group, start an Intenders Circle or Intenders Cybercircle. After that, all you have to do is be open to receive.

Q 14: I'd like to help get these Intenders Cybercircles out to the world. How can I do that?
A 14: If you would like to be an Extender of the Highest Good, we are keeping a list of those who want to show others how to host or take part in an Intenders Cybercircle. You can use the Sign Up Form below and we will contact you when there is an opening.

Q 15: It seems like there is more going on in an Intenders Cybercircle that meets the eye. Can you talk about that?
A 15: When you watch our Intenders Cybercircle YouTubes you may get the idea that we're just a bunch of friends having fun. But when you look closer you see that there is much more going on. Indeed, in our Cybercircles, we're getting to be better manifestors so we can get what we want; we're coming together to support each other in manifesting our dreams; we're all lining up with the Highest Good, we're creating deliberate, conscious community; we're setting the stage for Oneness to occur; and more . . .

*NOTE: Thanks to Karuna Arts for the use of the Mother Gaia Egg graphic we used in our Cybercircle YouTubes.
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