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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"


Tools for Cybercircle Intenderpreneurs

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If you are looking to host a Cybercircle here is our YouTube entitled
How to Start Your Own Online Intenders Manifesting Cybercircle.

Part 1 - Setting It Up 4:13

Part 2 - The Flow of the Circle 5:42

Part 3 - Tips and Troubleshooting 5:37

The Complete Version 14:26

Welcome Letter Template

Here is a Welcome Letter Template you can Copy and Paste into an email and send to the people who will be coming your Cybercircle for the first time.

Welcome to The Intenders Manifesting Cybercircles and a whole new level of deliberate creation!

Here's what you'll need to participate:

A Google+ account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here: Google+ (or you can sign up for a gmail account and then join Google+ from there).
Speakers or headphones

Please familiarize yourself with The Intenders Protocol ("When it's your turn" - see below) prior to our first circle so you'll know what to expect and be as comfortable as possible when we begin. Meeting with like-minded people is very fun and rewarding and following this format ensures a nice easy flow.

When it's your turn:
Introduction: Hi! I'm ...
Say Your Gratitudes: "I'm grateful for ..."
Say Your Intentions: "I intend that ..."
Share Your Ideal Personal Vision: "I see myself with ..."(Example: "...many clients.")
Share Your Ideal World Vision: "I see a world where ..." (Example "...everyone has enough to eat.")
The Highest Good Clause: "I make all of these intentions for the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, and everyone everywhere." (Note: even if you forget to say it, it's understood that all intentions placed in our Intenders Circles must serve the Highest Good in order to manifest.)
Alignment: "Are you with me?"
Everyone says "YES!"
Say "So be it!"
Everyone says "And so it is!" Then, everyone says, "It is done, it is done, it is DONE!"
You tag the next person.

Here are some links to YouTubes that will give you a good idea about what to expect in an Intenders Cybercircle. It is our intention that these YouTubes help you get off to a great start!

An Introduction to Intenders Cybercircles
The Meditation
How We Say Our Intentions
Closing the Cybercircle

Please note: we recorded these sessions specifically for training purposes. You WILL NOT be recorded during your Cybercircle.

Some people find it easier to prepare what they're going to say ahead of time, while others just say whatever comes to mind in the moment. However you're most comfortable is how you should do it. It's entirely up to you!

We're looking forward to co-creating with you . . .

for The Highest Good!

Your Signature/Contact Info/Optional Personal Note

Invitation Back-up Email Template

Here is a Back-up Invitation Letter Template you can Copy and Paste into an email and send out right after you have entered the Hangout.

Hi everyone,
Here is the back-up URL for today's Intenders Cybercircle.

Paste the URL of your Intenders Cybercircle Here

You can put this in your browser and it will take you there.
See you soon!

Reminder Templates

Here are two good examples of Midweek Reminder Letters, one from Lori who hosts the Goddess Circle, and the other from Alison who hosts the Light Workers Circle. As you can see, every Cybercircle picks it's own name and that there is a closeness that's developed among the people in the group. Lori says that the ladies in the Goddess Circle are in touch with each other almost everyday.

You can use either one of these templates. Just replace the names and times (in italics), edit it as you like, then copy and paste it into an email and send it out to your group a day or two before the Hangout.

Hello Fellow Light Workers!
Just a reminder that tonight is our Light Workers cybercircle at (Time) pm PST and (Time) pm EST. I will open the meeting 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time and send everyone a link to the meeting then. Please let me know if you are unable to make it.
I look forward to seeing everyone there!
Love and light,


Hello wonderful Intenders!
Just a quick reminder that we'll be meeting tomorrow at (Time) pm Eastern. I intend that this time works for everyone and that we have a powerful, productive circle - as always. I'll send the link by (30 minutes before we begin).
See you then!
Much love,

Intenders Cybercircle Format

1. Introductions ~ The first time you meet with your group you can start out by asking everyone to introduce themselves, say where they're from, and say a bit about themselves.

2. Win of the Week ~ In subsequent meetings, people won't need to introduce themselves again unless there are newcomers so you can go directly to the 2 minute Win of the Week where each person shares something good that happened to them recently. The only guidelines here are to keep it to 2 minutes or under and if someone can't think of something good that happened to them recently it's better if they pass rather than share any negativity, especially at the beginning of the meeting.

3. Optional Invocation and Short Guided Meditation ~ After the Intros or the Win of the Week, you can go directly to saying your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions (like you see us doing in Part 3 of our Cybercircle YouTubes.) Or you can go to several different options that can be led by anyone in the group. In our Cybercircle, we wouldn't miss the Invocation because we've learned that there's much more support and assistance coming to us from the invisible than we were led to believe. Nor would we miss the Meditation because it's so relaxing and helps us let go of the cares and concerns of the day.

4. The Cybercircle ~ Each person takes a turn saying their Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions (see the Intenders Cybercircle Protocol below.)

5. Empowering Conversation ~ Here we pick a positive, non-political topic and talk about it for a few minutes. In this part people can choose to take part or just listen and soak up the wisdom that's being shared.

6. Socializing, Networking, & Having Fun! (with the Google Effects . . .)

*Note ~ It's very important to note here that each group will decide the format and flow of their own Cybercircle. The only thing we recommend is that you share your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions for your ideal world and line them all up with the Highest Good. We know that this will give you excellent results. Other than that, you can run your Cybercircle anyway you like.

Intenders Cybercircle Protocol
(when it's your turn to say your Intentions)

Greeting - Hi! I'm . . .,
Say your Gratitudes - I am grateful for . . .
Say your Intentions - I intend that . . .
Share Your Vision for your ideal world - I see a world where . . .
The Highest Good Clause - And I intend that all my intentions must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself and everyone everywhere.(Note: Even if you forget to say it, it's understood that all intentions placed in our Intenders Circles must serve the Highest Good in order to manifest.)
Alignment - Do you align with me? or Are you with me?
Everyone says YES!
Say So Be It!
Everyone says And So It Is!
Everyone says It is Done. It is Done. It is DONE!
Tag the next person.

Sample Invocations, Meditations and Tonings

Many people are not familiar with Invocations so you can Click Here for a 2 minute example of an Invocation that you can listen to. Or you can Click Here for two examples of Invocations in text format.

For Information and Examples of Short Guided Meditations that we have used in our Cybercircles, Click Here.

Toning Creates Unity. It sets the stage for Oneness to occur. As another Option, your Cybercircle can Tone along with either of these two minute Toning youtubes: Toning with the Original Intenders and Toning for Oneness in Community.

Create Your Own Community !

We are finding out that many people who order The Intenders Handbook from us start an Intenders Circle in their area, and soon, they are reordering in bulk so that everyone in their circle can have one of these informative little books of their own. With this in mind, we are happy to provide you with our new Special Intenderpreneur Package which will give you all the tools you will need to start your own Intenders Circle.

Our Intenderpreneur Package includes 10 NEW Intenders Handbooks and an Intenders DVD at the price of $39.00 plus S&H. This is a savings to you of $15.95 off of the retail price!

Our Create Your Own Community Package     $39.00     

If you already have a copy of The Intenders Video and only choose to purchase more Intenders Handbooks, we also offer them on our order page in bulk quantities of 10 or more for $3.00 each.

Our Bulk Special - 10 Handbooks  $30.00    

It is our intention that these bulk rates are helpful to you and that you find as much joy in using the Intention Process to bring your desires into manifestation as we have! For more information or to order individual copies of The Intenders Handbook, Click Here.

One of our newer options for Closing the Circle is what we call Empowering Conversation. If you are in need of a topic to talk about you can pick any sentence in The Code and expand on it.

The Code




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