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"Can you imagine what it will be like when we are all seeing our friends, ourselves and our world in the highest light?"

-Tony Burroughs


Meet Ragananda

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Gabrielle and Ragananda Photo

Hi! I'm Gabrielle Silva and Ragananda has been my best friend for 36 years. She's been telling me stories and singing her songs for me to pass on to you. My special favorite is Ragananda's Time-In Meditations. You can see that the Time-In Temple is right smack dab in the middle of Rebop's Bunny Farm, just like the totally fun, musical Time-In meditations are a central part of their lives. Everything goes better from a calm and happy center!

Rebop's Bunny Farm Photo

Rebop's Bunny Farm is a sustainable, organic farm where the bunnies, called the BoopyDOOPYdoopydoopies, or BD3s for short, live and attend the Finds Art Academy. Ragananda's non-denominational spirituality helps children find their own quiet and powerful hearts through art, music and nature. She has even won the prestigious Dr. Toy Award Seals!

Ragananda Doll Kit with Dr. Toy Award Seals Photo

The Ragananda Doll Kit will introduce your child to some basic spiritual principles and be a lot of fun, too. It is an easy to assemble sewing project with detailed instructions and all parts included. You will only need to buy stuffing and thread. There are also 11 very clear tutorials of how to make a doll from start to finish on Ragananda's youtube channel. Enjoy a personal connection with your Ragananda doll by making her yourself.

"I found a great sense of accomplishment making my daughter's Ragananda Doll myself. I'm just past being a beginning seamstress and I learned a lot from Gabrielle's friendly tutorials on Ragananda's Youtube channel. I recommend this kit to anyone who has done some sewing projects and wants to learn a few new sewing tricks." Carli Paige, Seattle

Ragananda Doll Kit with Instructions  $24.95  

Ragananda's Time-In Meditations are Six 6 minute musical story meditations, designed to take you and your child through a relaxing little inner adventure. Instead of Time-Out, why not smile, breathe deeply, and go with Ragananda through heart and Earth based, non-denominational quiet Time-In experiences. You will receive a postcard of the Time-In Chair along with your CD.

"I was surprised to find that I completely enjoyed listening to Ragananda's Time-In Meditations. After sharing them with my infant the rest of my evening was calm and centered. I recommend them for the Inner Child of all ages." Deborah Ruhtan, Albuquerque, NM

Ragananda Time-In Meditation CD  $11.95  

Rebop and Ragananda like to sing together on Rebop's front porch. You can sing along with them!

The Porch Song Lyrics:

Sittin' out here with you
It's my favorite thing to do
Watchin' the great big world go by
The clouds and the birds up in the sky
There's nothin' I'd rather do
Than sit on the porch with you!

Singin' a song with you
Is my favorite thing to do
Out on the farm with the bunnies and the bees
The river and the lake and the great big trees
There's nothin' I'd rather do
Than sing on the porch with you!

So, I hope you'll get a doll kit and make your very own Ragananda doll. She loves you already!
Blesswings to all!
Gabrielle and Ragananda




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