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"Can you imagine what it will be like when we are all seeing our friends, ourselves and our world in the highest light?"

-Tony Burroughs


Tom F. Lang

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Tom F. Lang Photo

Tom F. Lang was born in England and lived there as a child during WWII. He moved to the US in 1948 at the age 15 with his family. He served in the US Army during the Korean conflict. His grandmother was a member of the Spiritualist Church in England and although it wasn't required, he went to church, seances, etc. with her frequently.

As you can tell Tom got into metaphysics at very young age. He is a Rosicrucian, although he is inactive at the present time. He has been a Theosophist, studied Joel Goldsmith, Alice Bailey, and many others - and at the present time he is reading Kryon's and Lee Carroll's material. He also has an interest in Eastern religions.

Tom and his wife, Doris, (pictured here with Tom) enjoy traveling and have traveled to many different states, as well as to France, England, Germany, Canada, and Mexico. They are planning to travel to England again this summer. He also enjoys reading, movies, stage productions and writing short fiction.




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