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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


The Highest Good Award Certificate

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The Highest Good Award Certificate

Click Here to Receive Your Highest Good Award Certificate

Congratulations! If you passed our Highest Good Fun Final Exam from The Highest Good: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Ebook or from the online exam at the bottom of this page, you are qualified to receive our personalized Highest Good Award Certificate. When you click on the link above it will bring up an email that you can send to us and we will prepare your free award. Since these awards are created by hand, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for you to receive your Certificate. We honor you for standing for the Highest Good and intend that you tell others about the win-win benefits of aligning with the Highest Good.

"The Highest Good is the culmination of Tony Burroughs writings and his twenty-five years work with the Intenders of the Highest Good community. It is filled with dozens of "juicy" inspiring stories from Intenders all over the world who have consciously integrated Intention-making and conscious manifestation into their daily lives. In a fun, readable format, Tony offers timeless accounts of his own successes as well as those by Intenders who have put the Law of Attraction (the Intention Process) into actual practice and have used it to manifest their dreams and desires."

The Highest Good: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Highest Good Handbook  224 pages.    More info  $6.00     

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The Highest Good Ebook (Immediate Download)  $5.00     
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A Fun Final Exam

T F 1. Your experiences are directly related to your thoughts.

T F 2. Your desires are in you to be fulfilled.

T F 3. Some people are more deserving of abundance than others.

T F 4. What you're looking for is what you are looking with.

T F 5. Living your calling lines you up with the Highest Good.

T F 6. You live only once.

T F 7. The doctor is always right.

T F 8. You can't have any effect on the world around you.

T F 9. The last step in intending is letting go.

T F 10. You've been innocent since the day you were born.

T F 11. For every point of view, its opposite is equally valid.

T F 12. What you say is what you get.

13. The best way to deal with an enemy or adversary is:
A: offer them "lilies instead of thorns."
B: see them in their Highest Light
C: forgive them
D: All of the above

14. Your thoughts can make you:
A: Happy
B: Sick
C: Abundant
D: All of the above

15. Happiness is to be found in:
A: Opposition
B: Separation
C: Coming together
D: Being aloof

16. We're aligned with the Highest Good when we:
A: stand for win-win
B: care for others
C: love every living creature
D: All of the above

17. Immoderation affects our:
A: Health
B: Relationships
C: Work environment
D: All of the above

18. The best place to resolve our problems is:
A: At the bank
B: In our mind
C: At home
D: In a hot tub

19. The Highest Good is best served by:
A: Blaming others
B: Judging others
C: Forgiving others
D: Assigning guilt

20. To fix the world, we must:
A: Become an activist
B: First make a lot of money
C: First fix ourself
D: Get a college degree

21. The Highest Good:
A: Always sends us in the right direction
B: Is our saving grace
C: Can cause temporary discomfort
D: All of the above

22. We transmute unwanted experiences by:
A: Nipping our negative thoughts in the bud
B: Envisioning only positive outcomes
C: Staying in the here and now
D: All of the above

23. A miscreation:
A: Brings undesired outcomes
B: Is born out of love
C: Serves everyone concerned
D: Always provides great results

24. The ego:
A: is judgmental
B: holds grudges
C: seeks revenge
D: All of the above

25. We're forgiving when we:
A: Are quiet and still
B: No longer judging
C: Witnessing impartially
D: All of the above


* Answers: 1T 2T 3F 4T 5T 6F 7F 8F 9T 10T 11T 12T
13D 14D 15C 16D 17D 18B 19C 20C 21D 22D 23A 24D 25D



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