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WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


Create Your Own Community Kit

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Intenders Community Kit

You Can Start Your Own Circle

As we said earlier, we started out with four of us - Mark, Tina, Betsy, and myself - sitting around a table on the patio once a week. We'd go around the Circle, one by one, and each of us would say our gratitudes and our intentions for the things that we desired to manifest in our lives. Pretty soon, we were getting phenomenal results, a bunch of our friends had joined us, and the feeling of being part of a family had awakened in all of us. As the group got larger and larger, we began listening to each other even more closely. We became cheerleaders for each other, really being happy for someone else when their intentions came to life.

A circle of people is like a jewel box.
Place your Intentions in it.

Our Create Your Own Community Package will give you all the tools you will need to start your own Intention Circle. It includes 10 Intenders Handbooks and an Intenders DVD at the price of $39.00 plus S&H. This is a savings to you of $15.95 off of the retail price!

We are finding out that many people who have read The Intenders Handbook go ahead and start an Intenders Circle - and soon they want to order our Community Kit so that everyone in their circle can watch the DVD and have one of these informative little books of their own. (If someone in your Circle already has a copy of The Intenders DVD and you would like to purchase more Intenders Handbooks, we offer them below in bulk quantities of 10 or more for $3.00 each.)

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Our Start Your Own Community Kit - 10 Handbooks + 1 DVD  $39.00  

Bulk Handbook Special - 10 Intenders Handbooks  $30.00    

"The Intenders is like no other group.
We are bringing people together, empowering them,
and lining them up with the Highest Good, all at the same time!"

Now its even easier to start your own Intenders Circle. We have a new Tools for Intenderpreneurs page where you can get Free Flyer Templates, Newcomer Sheets and more.
Click here to check it out

"The Intenderpreneur"

We affectionately call the person who takes it upon himself or herself to start an Intenders Circle an Intenderpreneur. The Intenderpreneur is the one who makes all of the arrangements for having the first meeting of the Intenders in their area. They make the necessary phone calls and announcements so that anyone who might be interested in coming to an Intenders Circle has the opportunity to do so. The Intenderpreneur will find a comfortable location, preferably in a private home, to meet until a more permanent place can be established and agreed upon by the group. Very often it happens that the Intenders Circle will be permanently held at the Intenderpreneur's home.

At the meetings the Intenderpreneur distributes copies of the format and newcomer information and keeps track of all of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone who comes to the Circles. S/he is also responsible for maintaining a reasonably smooth flow during the meetings.

It's important to understand that the Intenderpreneur is not the leader of the group. The group belongs to itself. There are no appointed leaders. We think that every Intender is a leader and, therefore, any major decisions are made by all who come to the meeting.

We are very grateful to the Intenderpreneurs across the globe for all the work that they do. Many people, friends and strangers alike, are touched by those who've had the insight to start an Intenders Circle.




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