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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


We Are No Longer Facilitating Intenders Cybercircles.

We Recommend That You Start Your Own Cybercircle.

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You can freely use our tools and FAQs
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After crisscrossing the country countless times over the last decade showing people in cities and towns alike how to set up their own Intenders Circle we realized that it was time for us to adapt our unique Intenders Circle format to the internet. So I called Pam Baugh, our networking director, and we gathered a few friends with the intention that we create a practical, working model that will make it easy (and free) for anyone to set up their own Intenders Cybercircle.

We began by exploring the wide range of videoconferencing venues available and right away we found that Google+ Hangouts had everything we needed: it's easily accessible through gmail; has space for up to 10 people; worked beautifully on our desktops as well as our mobile devices; and, most importantly, it is free (our Intenders Circles have always been free.)

Since we always begin and end our Intenders Cybercircles by Socializing and Networking, here is the video we call The Fun Stuff! Below it are Links to Parts 1 through 5 of our Intenders Cybercircle Trailer. If you watch all 5 parts you will see exactly how we run an Intenders Cybercircle. We've also included a Sign Up Form below the links so you can easily let us know if you would like to take part in one of our Intenders Manifesting Cybercircles.

The Intenders Cybercircle Trailer Part 1 - Introduction

The Intenders Cybercircle Trailer Part 2 - The Guided Meditation

The Intenders Cybercircle Trailer Part 3 - How We Say Our Intentions

The Intenders Cybercircle Trailer Part 4 - Closing the Cybercircle

The Intenders Cybercircle Trailer Part 5 - Socializing, Networking and Fun with Google Effects!

In our first tests we were all a bit concerned that we might not enjoy the same high energy, uplifting experience in our Intenders Cybercircle as we get in real life, but, as you can see in our Trailers, we were quite mistaken! We had a blast right away! We were each able to say our Gratitudes ("I'm grateful for . . ."), Intentions ("I intend that . . .") and Visions for our ideal world ("I see a world where . . .") easily and comfortably, knowing we had the support of everyone else in the Cybercircle because we were all lined up with the Highest Good. And what with all of our simultaneous aligning we felt at One with each other by the time we were done. It all went very quickly and the icing on the cake came in the socializing after the circle when Paul put on a pirate hat from the Google Effects section and we all laughed like crazy!

The bottom line for us is that it worked well beyond our expectations. We had great fun, started the conscious manifestation process rolling by stating our gratitudes and intentions, made several new friends, and came together as One. I can't wait until next week when we Hangout again!

Thank you all so very much! I'm excited to be a part of this, and I feel that we are laying the groundwork for so many others who are isolated to connect with people who can support and uplift them. Some 'awakened' people sort of just accept that they have to travel a solitary road - but that really need not be the case anymore. They can connect with the encouragement and love of an energetic soul family that they need! It's amazing! Can't wait until next week! :)
Much Love & Light to All,

Hi all.
Thanks for a lovely circle today. We are all strands forming a strong chain together--thank you for your support and encouragement and friendship!! Thank you to Tony for his wisdom, to Kathleen for her humor, to Nancee for her excitement and enthusiasm, to Piera for her warmth, to Aiyana for her playfulness, to Stefy for her strength, and to Lori for her leadership. Love you all!
See you next week.

Thank you all! I have been needing to reconnect with my Intention family, as I have been rather isolated here with my dad. So this is perfect for me to be with like minded friends to help push my restart button! So looking forward to next week also, it will be Cinco De Mayo, maybe Paul can have a party hat for the rest of us!
So be it, and so it is!
In the Highest Light~

If you would like to start your own Intenders Cybercircle and put the Law of Attraction / Intention Process to it's highest and best use, you can use the Sign Up Form above and we will email you when there is an opening or a new Cybercircle starting. In the meantime, for more information about Computer Requirements and our Cybercircle FAQs, you can Click Here.

This is a video of an entire Intenders Cybercircle but without the Google Effects and all the Socializing and Merry-making. You can watch a longer version (with all the laughter and fun) by Clicking Here.



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