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"Can you imagine what it will be like when we are all seeing our friends, ourselves and our world in the highest light?"

-Tony Burroughs


Divakar Yoga

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Relation Fit Intention Yoga DVD

Get fit with a friend. Share Healing Intentions. Increase your Cardio-strength and stretching abilities!. All this and more as you join Intenders Yonatan and Arbel Shemesh for the perfect RelationFit exercise program - an enjoyable and effective way to achieve your fitness goals with a friend, partner, child or parent!

Included in the RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD is a 22 inch elastic exercise loop, a 33 minute workout to world music. a 15 minute meditation, and a 7 minute explanation of the exercises.

The workout integrates your core muscles with every other group of muscles in the body - in a playful way! It encourages you to achieve your perfect weight and fitness goals by sharing intentions, meditations and healing with your partner. We highly recommend this DVD!

1 Divakar RelationFit Intention Yoga DVD with Elastic Exercise Band  $19.95  

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The Hero's Journey Yoga DVD

This amazing yoga technique was developed by Intender Yonatan Shemesh in order to take your yoga to the next level! Imagine moving with complete integration of mind and body. You learn to activate your core strength while toning, strengthening and stretching every major muscle group of your body in a balanced way.

This DVD includes a 40 minute workout to world music (with or w/o voice), a 10 minute explanation and demo of the exercises in the DVD, a 15 minute Intention meditation, and a 22 inch exercise loop. (The staff in the photo is not included, but you an make one easily from a stick or dowel.)

Divakar Yoga began in 1980 and evolved through the practice and teaching of Yonatan Shemesh. Thank you, Yonatan, for bringing these inspiring, uplifting, powerful exercises out to the world!

1 Divakar Hero's Journey Yoga DVD with Elastic Exercise Band  $19.95  

Here is what a few Divakar Yoga students had to say . . .

"When I first started the Divakar yoga program about a year ago, I was headed in the wrong direction-- chronic back pain, not sleeping do to pain, which really impacted my quality of life. Anyone that's had chronic pain has tried many different avenues, such as doctors, chiropractors, medication, etc. This program I found really works if you take a little time and a little effort. I generally put in 2 to 4 hours a week with good results and expect great results just a couple more hours a week doing this program. Finally, what I like most about the Divakar yoga program is that it takes you outside the box compared to any other exercise program I have seen in my life. Thank you!"
~Ed, Grants Pass, Oregon

"I've been a student of Divakar yoga for about 18 months. During this period I've attended classes with Yonatan 4 to 5 times per week. Prior to my starting his classes I was not able to do the most simple of exercises. I have issues with my hip and knees that are improving as I continue my practice at Divakar yoga. I have found Yonatan's approach to yoga to be a balanced blend of yoga fitness with stretching and traditional yoga postures. Yonatan's classes have enabled me to reach my fitness goals. At the same time I have increased my flexibility and mobility. A side benefit of attending Yonatan's classes are the intuitive instructions you receive. He as a sixth sense of timing to meet your needs. And finally after each workout there is a very rewarding guided meditation that allows you to integrate the additional energy you have brought in your body. He has found a refreshing way of continuing this on the CDs. I can not imagine life without Divakar yoga and have no doubts that whatever life throws at me my ability to cope will in part be aided by my practice of yoga."
~Richard Hergenrether, Grants Pass, Oregon

"Yonatan teaches yoga in a very creative way. He makes the stretches and exercises enjoyable and playful. My whole family has gone to yoga classes. My children love yoga for kids. They get to play games and laugh while learning to get strong and fit. The partner stretching class gives me and my fiancé tools to help each other achieve better range of motion and flexibility while having a great time reaching our goals.

Yonatan is A GREAT YOGA TEACHER BECAUSE HE TEACHES US TO DO EVERYTHING FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD... I encourage any one young or old to go to Divakar Yoga."
~Michelle Corrine, Grants Pass, Oregon

"I've been involved in ballet for most my life. Throughout that time I've done a significant amount of cross training - yoga classes, pilates, personal training at the gym, etc... and in all my years I've never experienced a program that's helped me strengthen and tone my body as effectively and as quickly as Divakar yoga. It's also eliminated chronic knee pain I've had ever since I dislocated my knee. I can't recommend it more highly. Anyone at any level of fitness would greatly benefit from incorporating the Divakar Yoga program into their lives."
~Rebecca Kryzak, Merlin, Oregon




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