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The 2012 Intenders Tour
Press Release

St. Paul, MN

Here is a Press Release for The Intenders Tour Event in St. Paul. We highly recommend that you pass it around to your friends because we know from experience that it will cause more people to show up at the event. To send it to your list of friends or to your local newspaper, magazines and/or media people, just copy and paste the section between the double lines below into an email and send it digitally. To send it to your social networks, you can use the SHARE Buttons on this page.

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Bestselling Author to Host Intention Circle in St. Paul

Intenders of the Highest Good cofounder, Tony Burroughs, will be in St. Paul on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 7pm at the Como Lake B & B, 1205 Como Blvd W to talk about his latest book, The Law of Agreement, and to host an Intenders Circle. In the first hour of this 2 hour event Tony will speak about the transition we are currently going through. He will talk about "the old ways" and "the new ways" and how we can apply the Law of Agreement and the Intention Process to make our personal lives more fulfilling and our world a better place to live. In the second hour, Tony will lead an Intenders Circle where everyone is given the opportunity to share their Gratitudes and Intentions.

Tony Burroughs is a bestselling author, storyteller and community-maker who has been living by the Laws of Manifestation for over 25 years. He has published 9 books including The Intenders Handbook and The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World. He has also produced 3 full-length films as well as 80 You Tubes on personal empowerment and community making. He is the creator of the popular Vision Alignment Project where people all across the globe have aligned over 600,000 times with his heartfelt visions.

Those who attend this event will learn to apply the Law of Agreement, take part in an Intenders Circle, hear several uplifting intention stories, become more self empowered, get their books signed and have a lot of fun. The cost for this event is $ 20 and scholarships are available for those who are willing to help get the word out. For more information go to Events at,, or call 612-214-0973. Tickets in advance are available at

The Intenders of the Highest Good


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