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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


The Highest Good

Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Already described as "your best work ever!", The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has all new Intenders success stories as well a wealth of information about how we have combined the Law of Attraction with the Highest Good to manifest our dreams and desires over the last twenty-five years. It is filled with dozens of "truly inspiring" stories from Intenders all over the world who have consciously integrated Intention-making and conscious manifestation into their daily lives. In a fun, readable format, Tony offers timeless accounts of his own successes as well as those by Intenders who have put the Law of Attraction (the Intention Process) into actual practice in their daily lives. 224 pages.

The Highest Good Handbook  224 pages.    More info  $6.00     

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The Intenders Handbooks Quartet


The Highest Good Quartet

Now you can have All Four of our Bestselling Intenders Handbooks in One! Learn about the Intention Process, the Ascension Process, the Highest Light and the Highest Good all at the same time! This offer is not available anywhere else. The only place you can get our Quartet at this price is here on our website!


Enjoy The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home and The Highest Good Handbook all in one volume for $14.95 - you receive one Handbook free! This set is the core of the Intenders teachings. 512 pages. Author: Tony Burroughs


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The Intenders Handbooks Quartet  512 pages.    More info  $14.95     

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"You always have your intentions," he said. "You may have times with little or no cash, but you always have your intentions. You always have the ability to manifest whatever you need by intending it." Lee Ching said this to me right before I boarded the plane for the mainland to leave my comfy tropical home in Hawaii. All I had in my pocket at the time was $37 - and my intentions.

These parting words from my mentor were my inspiration for setting out to live by manifesting, to live by making intentions and trust that everything I needed would be there for me whenever I needed it. As a result, I've lived my entire adult life on that trust, testing the Law of Attraction / Intention Process every chance I got. I've never taken a full-time job; I just intended my way through life. Scary? You bet. Frustrating at times? Of course. In truth, there were moments when I wasn't sure whether it was working or not. But, looking back, I can see that everything that happened to me along the way was for my Highest Good.

The stories in this book come from my personal experiences with the Intenders. We started our Intenders of the Highest Good community over twenty-five years ago in Pahoa, Hawaii, and since then we've seen thousands of people from all over the world manifest their intentions in our Intenders Circles and have their dreams come true. At first, we didn't know what we were doing; we were just four friends (Tina, Mark, Betsy and me) meeting weekly and intending to help one another in anyway we could. It wasn't long, though, before five of our friends joined our little group and, for the next year, we were nine Intenders. Then, one evening, thirty-five people showed up...

That which you are reaching toward is also reaching out to you.

The Intenders took off from there, with our second circle starting up in Kona, and our third in Petaluma, CA. What with the sudden interest and new circles being added every week, I moved from the Big Island to the San Francisco Bay Area (with only the afore-mentioned $37 in my pocket), and, long story short, within a year, seventeen Intenders Circles were active in Northern California - and it flashed across the country from there. Now, there are Intenders Circles in countries all across the globe, and if you were to ask us today what caused this wondrous phenomenon, we would all, without exception, point to the Highest Good.

"My wonderful friend and teacher Merel recently gave me your newest book, The Highest Good Handbook. I am about half way through it at this point. I just want to say a huge Thank You for writing this book. I am only 37 but thanks to your book and the direction my life is going in I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to read it at this point. I am always wondering where and what direction I am going in life. But now I understand. . ."
Jillian Lucero

The Highest Good Handbook  224 pages.    More info  $6.00     

The Highest Good Handbook Bulk Discount    More info  10 Copies for $36.00     

The Highest Good Handbook Ebook (Immediate Download)  $5.00     

The Intenders Handbooks Quartet  512 pages.    More info  $14.95     

The Intenders Handbooks Quartet Ebook (Immediate Download)   $14.95     

To Download a FREE Color Poster of The Highest Good Guides,
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Two Passages from The Highest Good Handbook

People ask what my life has been like since I intended to live by manifesting and the answer is: I have had the most amazing ride imaginable! I have lived on the beach in Hawaii; amid towering red rocks outside Payson, AZ; atop Big Avocado Mountain in Escondido, CA; in the Shasta Valley with majestic Mt. Shasta framed in my picture window. I have camped across America several times, vacationed from the Caribbean to Bora Bora, bathed in luxury in Corrales, NM, basked in the powerful vortices of Sedona, AZ, (before it got crowded), and restored my Spirit on the banks of the Willamette River near Eugene, OR. I have taken part in Intention Circles across the country in private homes, churches of all denominations, community centers, social clubs, gift shops, Grange halls, Masonic lodges, casinos, hotels, public parks, and book stores galore. In short, I have made more friends than I ever thought possible, traveled to places I only dreamed of, and lived in some of the most magnificent spots on Earth, all of which manifested following intentions I made for the Highest Good.

~ ~ ~

"Each of you has different challenges and goals that you've set for yourself before you came into this life. One person's soul's purpose can be entirely different from another's. One may need to experience great wealth and all its trappings in order to balance out lifetimes of hardship, while another may have arranged to be poverty stricken in order to balance out lifetimes of dissipation and addiction that often go along with being wealthy.

"In each and every instance, the Highest Good is working to help your soul come back into alignment with the calling you set for yourself before you came into your current body. Regardless of outer appearances, the Highest Good is always nudging you back toward your reason for being here."

The Highest Good is different for everyone.
For the caring, it brings its gifts.
For the angry, it brings its lessons.
For all, it brings its opportunities.



The Highest Good Handbook
Table of Contents

Life is precious
   Mainstream Miscreation #1 ~ Health Issues
The Earth is beautiful
We're meant to play
We're meant to be happy
   Mainstream Miscreation #2 ~ Unbalanced Emotions
Everything is all right if we believe it is
Good friends are better than gold
Our family is larger than we think
People are different but equal
Forgiving is it's own reward
   Mainstream Miscreation #3 ~ Wrongdoing
Freedom is inside us
   Mainstream Miscreation #4 ~ Financial Obligations
Gifts are ours for the asking
Prayers and intentions work
See and feel your intention manifesting
Miracles are our birthright
Trust gives us power
   Mainstream Miscreation #5 ~ Hard Times
Ideals give us direction
Optimism gives us success
Moderation refreshes us
Communication connects us
Adversity corrects us
Non-violence heals us
   Mainstream Miscreation #6 ~ Opposition
It's all in present time
It's all in perfect order
Love is all around us
We're more than we think we are
Oneness is our next step
The Highest Good will set us free
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