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"Can you imagine what it will be like when we are all seeing our friends, ourselves and our world in the highest light?"

-Tony Burroughs


Jo Ann Rotermund

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Author, speaker, and workshop leader, Jo Ann Rotermund is co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, World Forgiveness Initiative. She spent her life being an unconscious victim until 2001, when her study of forgiveness helped heal her past and bring personal power, freedom, and joy back into everything she does. In her book, The Forgiveness Habit, Jo Ann states:

As I studied more and more about forgiveness, I began to view everyone and every situation in my life as a learning opportunity that my soul created for my healing. This gave me the freedom and joy in my life that I had always been searching for. I have learned that joy is not something you can find; rather, it is something you choose and step into through forgiveness.

Now in my late sixties [and married for 44 years thanks to forgiveness], I am developing a new life and career for myself, and I have no plans to slow down. I am living the life I love and have dreamed of living for many years - writing, speaking, leading workshops, and growing my nonprofit organization. I am living fully in the freedom, power, and joy of forgiveness, and it is wonderful beyond measure.

For speaking engagements or developing a workshop, you may contact Jo Ann at Joannr2030@att.net or at 832-633-1565 (Central Time Zone)




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