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WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


Intenders Manifestation Stories

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Over the years, we have been fortunate to hear a great many people express their gratitude for intentions they made that manifested for them. These "Intenders Stories" have brought so much encouragement and inspiration to us that we decided to dedicate this page to sharing some of them with you. We also invite you to e-mail your favorite Manifested Intention story to us and we'll share the best of those we receive with our readers. We intend that you enjoy these Intenders Stories!

Its so nice when things come full circle. We of the Intenders were inspired many years ago by The Laws of Manifestation by David Spangler of The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. So what a pleasant surprise it was to receive an email from The Findhorn Community Intenders Circle! Findhorn has truly been a shining example for all of us who seek self empowerment and we are honored that they are using the Intention Process. Here is what Katharina Klippstein at Findhorn had to say:

Since last autumn (with the arrival of your books and video), we have had an Intenders Circle here with about 6 people. Some left the Foundation, some others joined in. That's the way this place works, so it is amazing that this group still exists! We have had great manifestations: I manifested a second pregnancy ( I am 14 weeks now ), a new engine in our car for free (what a miracle that was), and others manifested new relationships, money etc.

A swiss friend of mine, who lived here before, read my Intenders booklet on her visit here and she will probably email you to get one herself. So, there is another potential Intenders Circle in Swizerland. . .


WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders

Many years ago in my job as scribe for The Intenders I began keeping track of the best of the WINS we heard. I had a feeling that someday this hidden Law that we call the Intention Process would be rediscovered by the great masses of humanity and that we would want to apply it into our daily experience. It is our intention that by reading our WINS stories, it will be much easier for you to go out and manifest WINS of your own! 164 pages. $5.

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"I just wanted you to know that your ebook, WINS is awesome. I am loving it. Way to go !"
Gayle Abrams, Palatka, FL

Ebook (Immediate Download)  $5.00     


Two weeks ago we received one of the most heartfelt intention stories ever. It comes from Susan in California and we intend that it makes you feel as good we did when we read it.

In September 2002 I was finally starting to get better four years after my neck injury. Then I got broadsided on the way to the store to buy a chicken dinner for my new neighbor and her four children. I felt the hand of God on my shoulder before the impact and all I could say was that I was lucky and grateful to be alive as the Cadillac was totalled. In a smaller car I would've been pushed thru the driver's side. The young man who hit us was on his cell phone.

After my injuries started showing up I lost heart for awhile because the driver of the vehicle I was in had no insurance. I intended to recover from all my injuries and I kept thanking God for sparing me from worse consequences. I remained grateful. In the process of trying to recover medical costs from the driver, a friend suggested that I contact his former best friend, a lawyer who he hadn't heard from in twenty years. I said I thought I could get a phone number on the internet. I did and I left a message asking for help locating the doctor in his area (another state). To my surprise I got a call the next night. I was disappointed to learn that that state had separate property and I could not recover my medical costs. Then an odd thing happened. This lawyer called me back the very next night. He later told me that he fell in love with my voice. We are going to be married. And, I am getting the home and children that I always wanted.

# # #

This Intention story is short but powerful. It came in from Jaqie Ablitt in Coquitlam B.C. Canada.

My story is that I set an intention that I would have a lap computer, one that I would be so very very happy with. My brothers and sister announced that to help me celebrate my 65th birthday they all 'chipped-in' and gave me a lap top computer that I am delighted and thrilled and grateful to have.

# # #

This Intenders Story reflects both an ecological consciousness and a special trust in the magical workings of the Universe. We salute you, Bernadette Jobs, for sharing your inspiring message with us.

When I was a teenager, long before conscious knowledge of the intention process, I said, " I will never buy a car until we build them more wisely without using fossil fuels. " I had therefore committed to walking, biking, public transportation and car-pooling. My friends thought I was crazy and depriving myself. I simply couldn't rationalize working hard to maintain a consumptive destructive machine. By the time you add up buying the car, insurance, maintenance and gasoline and the amount of hours one must spend accumulating all those dollars there isn't much time left to enjoy the 'freedom' the automobile was supposed to bring us.

The last few years have brought about a completely different result in that same intention, which initially caused me to wonder if I'd gone back on my commitment. The wording of an intention is very powerful in itself. Wording it just so can cause the Universe to answer in limitless creative ways that our pointed human minds may not always recognize at first.

Becoming a mother in a modern sprawling city left me wondering what to do. Biking with a baby and 2 baskets of laundry was no longer feasible. And then I got a roommate with a car. Hooray for car share! Then he moved out. Upon his departure he gave me the car. Did this mean I was betraying my early intents? Word by word I read the intention. I had to laugh because I did not buy the car. Four years and about a hundred thousand miles later the Escort could go not further. It had been driven coast to coast 4 times before I owned it, never mind where I drove it. It had lived12 years and gone 260,000 miles! Mechanics who had worked on it begrudgingly admitted it was in amazing form for a Ford.

Upon its death I resorted to borrowing other peoples junk cars for groceries and laundry. Some of these were offered for sale. This was the period when I discovered there are worst things than walking. Certain vehicles are a step down from being a pedestrian. When this became clear I added the intention of smooth-running dependability to my car desire.

Within days of stating this a co-worker who lived nearby said "why don't you just borrow my car in the evenings?" This arrangement worked out so well I was able to work in the evenings again. There were many times when I drove folks to the airport and I had a car for a weekend here and there providing a perfect compliment. Many adventures and further intentions came out of this. Then this dear friend had decided to move back to Hawaii and take her lovely car with her. I am very grateful to her trust in me that caused so many others to follow her generous example. I sat down to realistically evaluate when I could buy a decent car. It looked like about four months away. I was a little bummed about this, but not many people in our culture make it to their third decade with a perfect driving record. I thought maybe I ought to give up this intention if it caused more resistance than benefit.

The week before my friend left the continent I was asked to house sit during Thanksgiving with the loan of their car for the job. Thanksgiving Day was spent with old friends who picked us up in the afternoon. The gathering continued until late in the eve. At one point I left the gathering to feed the dogs and light the house I was caretaker of. The friend who picked me up said "Why don't you just drive out there with my car and come back instead of leaving for the night?" So off I drove. On the way back I stopped at my house momentarily. Walking out my back door and seeing all the cars parked I realized that in my possession were keys to four cars! These included my dead Ford, a borrowed unpredictable vehicle, the house-sitting car, and the Thanksgiving errand car. I looked up into the clear night sky and laughed in gratitude.

I was without a car for a whole week. The next car was mine full-time for 2 months as a friend went on a bike-about in Australia. It provided me with many pleasant driving experiences, which has again upped the ante in my car desires. The day that friend returned I received the use of another car for a week. I love the ongoing overlap. My original intention was a protest. It has brought about both mass-market renewable energy vehicles and the fact that I have not officially bought a car so far.

I have been without a car for 4 days. It is a perfect excuse to stay home all weekend. I walked to work today enjoying the early tree buds, green bulb shoots, and fresh morning air. How I have missed these things. Wednesday I go to meet with a woman who wants to give me a car. I look forward to the unfolding as the Universe delivers car after car, each one closer to my ideal than before!

# # #

This story comes in from our good friend, Susie Knutson, in New Mexico. She calls it "A Tender Intender".

For about 3 months I have been part of a small Intenders of the Highest Good group, including a mother, a father, a small 2 year old and myself. Each week we meet and give the guided meditation, our gratitudes, our intentions. Then we all join in a circle and place our intentions on a beam of great white light that goes down into mother earth and then shoots up into the heavens into the far reaches of the universes. Then we align our energies by toning.

Week by week we go through the process and find out about each other's deepest gratefulness and our deepest concerns. Each week little Kabira has been a part of our group, particularly enthusiastic about joining in the circle and then toning. She tones as long as we do and is very serious about it.

All night and for a couple of weeks, she kept calling me "Whoo Hoo", the expression I love to use when she and I get excited about something! Last night, she kept saying WhooHoo and it dawned upon us all that she thought that was my name!

After Videa, Forrest and I finished our intentions, I asked Kabira, "Would you like to share your gratitudes and intentions?", almost as a lighthearted gesture as she has a language all of her own, sometimes indistinguishable by others even though she knows exactly what she is saying!

She stood in front of the 3 of us and very assuredly began to speak. She had us all in the palm of her hands. She pointed to her mama and said something like I am grateful for my mama. She turned to her father, pointed, and said something like "I am grateful for my papa." Then she turned to me, pointed and said something like "I am grateful for Whoo Hoo." Then she said something about Hannah and Keith, two of her best friends, and we understood that she was intending something about playing with them.

When she finished, we all had tears in our eyes. She was the most Tender of In-tenders in the most Tender of moments.
Whoo Hoo

# # #

I intended and manifested a move to California! That may be no big deal to a lot of people, but for a 24 year old from Alabama who has been told he should "just get him a 'regular' job, settle down, and just be like everyone else (who happens to be miserable!)"- it is a very big deal!!! People here don't even believe that California exists, that it is only on TV!!! "Why on earth would you want to live there?!!" they constantly exclaim. It is very limiting and close minded here in Birmingham but I have intended to make the best of it and I have. But I have wanted to live in California all of my life- and until I realized I could just intend this into my life I fell for everyone's negativity and limiting beliefs on why I should just stay there and do whatever- not really enjoying myself and just "daydreaming" about it. The day I said "That's It- I'm doing whatever it takes to get to California - I INTEND to go to California right now!" was the starting point to all the events that led up to realizing my dream!!!

I met my girlfriend, who I am now engaged to, who just happened to always want to move to California also. I met a friend who said I should take a job that I would never have thought about in the first place. It "just happened" to be that my boss there is originally from California and said he would pay me enough money to get there as soon as possible. All of a sudden, I started meeting people from California everywhere and they had very good suggestions about the best place to live out there and so and so. My favorite band who hadn't released an album in a long time came out with a new one, titled "California"!!! My girfriend's boss at her job asked her if she would travel for her job for a week for a convention. She said that it depended where- and it "just happened" to be Long Beach, California!- where we spent a wonderful week and drove up the coast to San Francisco and down through San Diego to Tijuana!!! Everywhere I looked on the interstate there were California license plates where I had never noticed before!!! And the list goes on and on!

Due to my intentions, everything has fallen perfectly into place and I am in about an hour walking out the door to finish loading up the U-haul and heading straight for Los Angeles!!! Will it work out for me? Of course!!! I intend it to!!! Ara Kara!!!!
Phil Fritts

# # #

"I always had a knack for working on computers. When my friends would throw their hands up in the air and threaten to bash their computers, I would offer to fix them. I'd been teaching part-time in the evenings, but I really wanted to be working full-time fixing computers. I also had a desire to be able to make low-cost secondhand or rebuilt computers available to the people in the area. The only problem I had was getting parts. I wasn't in a big city where parts were easy to find.

"About that time, I happened to go to an Intenders Circle. That night, I made an intention to leave my teaching position and somehow, some way, start my own business fixing and rebuilding computers.

"Four days later, a friend of mine told me about a place where I could put a bid in on a whole container-load of good computer parts, CPU's, keyboards, printers, everything, including the monitors! I got the bid and, within two weeks, I had rented a wonderful warehouse in town and stacked it full of all kinds of computer equipment. Everything I'd intended to have was right there at my fingertips!

"Before I knew it, people were lined up at my door needing help with their computers. And when I'd help them, I couldn't resist also telling them about the Intenders."
Aaron Christensson

# # #

"Last spring, during the potluck at an Intenders meeting, a very successful woman was telling us about how she manifests things. She was using money as an example. She said that she was grateful for it, both before it arrives and after it arrives. That got me started thinking.

"Up until then, money was always a challenge for me. Every time a bill would come in the mail, I would get upset. Right away, I would start to complain, and I'd walk around muttering and wondering how I was ever going to pay it.

"But since that meeting, I've started doing something different. Now, I thank the Universe when I get a bill in the mail. I think of all the wonderful things that the bills are providing for me and I'm really grateful for them.

"Needless to say, everything is much better financially for me now. Since I've started being grateful, I've received more money than I ever had before. It just keeps flowing in, like water from the kitchen faucet. Sometimes I'm even pleasantly surprised by where it comes from!"
Ron Merriweather.

# # #

This story is from Lt Rohit Sharma from India. His views about the power of gratitude and the power of silence are most insightful!

"I have intended lot of things in life and got many, but even as I got one after another I didn't feel happy - the sheer happiness everyone is looking for. Then I tripped upon an article where someone had written that he lost his brother in the 911 attack in WTC and had been wanting to express feelings of love to him but due to bitterness could not do so - but once he died he felt so much remorse and his words moved me. He said,

"Be grateful for whatever you have and be grateful for whatever you have manifested and know that you are responsible for whatever good is happening to you and whatever bad is happening to you. And don't wait to express gratitude for what you have got as it will bring you more of that . . . and don't forget to express love and gratefulness for people around you and things around you, as sometimes . . . you dont get to say that last goodbye."

I was so moved that I started writing down everything I had got and to my amazement within a week I actually saw everything multiplying from money to happiness to better professional aspects. Intention with gratitude is a very very powerful manifestation tool. And also if you intend that you are in silence (this means not thinking anything) - a gap, peace, bliss - will come faster to you."
Lt Rohit Sharma, Colaba, Mumbai, India

# # #

"When we first started to use the Intention Process, we thought that the only thing we were doing was learning how to manifest things so we'd be happier.. It wasn't until we'd been at it for well over a year that we realized something else was happening. Not only were our dreams coming true, but we were also letting go of old stuff that we'd been hanging onto forever. It was that old stuff that was holding us back from living in our highest light.

"On one hand, our desires were being fulfilled; and, on the other hand, we were giving up our old desires that hadn't manifested. Pretty soon, we noticed that we didn't have as many desires as before. They had all either been manifested or let go of.

"That's when things started getting really good! We began to feel lighter and freer. The Intention Process was lining us up with out highest good, and what was being brought to us was a more wonderful, much grander gift than we had received from the more material intentions that we had manifested since we first started. It was as if we were sprouting wings."
Sally Moore

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