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We always line our Intentions up with the Highest Good. We do this by saying: "In order for my Intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself, & everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is!
It is Done!"

~Tina Stober~


Tina Stober

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Tina Stober is a channel for Lee Ching, a wise and wonderful being, and she has been channeling great beings for over 25 years. She is also the co-founder of the Intenders of the Highest Good. Currently residing on the Big Island of Hawaii, Tina is the proud mother of two children and four grandchildren. Every week she is busy teaching yoga, aquaerobics, and partaking in weekly meditation and metaphysical groups. She loves to dance, sing, and is living her best life ever.

Tina gives Divine Light and Clear Buddha Mind transmissions and does readings through channeling on the phone, in person, and in groups. She typically receives love offerings of between $50 to $200 for an hour of her time. Tina can be contacted by calling 808-982-6774. Please be mindful when you call that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii than it is on the US mainland.

Here is an excerpt of Tina and Lee Ching from our recent Intenders Living by Manifesting Workshop DVD.




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